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Water and environment – meeting the challenge

Images from the orbit show earth as a planet of infinite water resources. Indeed, only a small portion of earth’s water resources is freshwater, the basis for all life on earth outside the oceans. Due to the rapid growth of mankind over the past decades, resulting in growing urbanization and increasing economic activities, in the first decade of the new millenium the world is facing a looming global water crisis. In many regions inadequate provision of water supply and sanitation services represent severe threats not only for public health, but also for economic and social development. According to the findings of World Bank more than one billion people lack access to safe water, and things are getting worse. Freshwater resources are becoming increasingly scarce; and threats posed by floods and draughts are aggravated by the global climate change.

Provision of efficient potable water supply and sanitation systems for human settlements, agriculture, industry, as well as integrated management of freshwater resources have therefore developed to overriding tasks in the water sector worldwide. Sustainable action for further development of civilization and for the protection of the natural resources water, soil, and air also includes remediation of hazardous groundwater and soil contamination as well as proper management of domestic and industrial solid waste. Moreover, protection of human beings from life threatening floods and the use of hydropower form an integrative challenge in terms of hydraulic engineering and ecological requirements. Only integral approaches in terms of an integrated water management will allow for solutions, which maintain water as the source of life and energy, and reduce the threat of floods.
The development of intelligent solutions to cope with these complex tasks demands involvement of many participants. During preparation and implementation of water infrastructure or environmental projects consultants play a decisive role ensuring that engineering is in line with economic requirements and that institutional, environmental and operational issues are adequately considered. In this sense we render comprehensive and customer-oriented consulting and engineering services in both the water and environmental sector.

Today our company is recognized as a first choice partner in multidisciplinary engineering and consulting with a staff of nearly 100 engineers, specialists and experts. The company’s main focus is on planning, implementation, and operation of complex infrastructure projects in the water sector literally covering all phases of their life cycle. From the execution of many complex and demanding projects we know about the importance of technical qualification, longtime expertise and advanced project management skills allowing us to achieve the goals of our clients in quality, budget, and time. Therefore we continuously invest in qualification and education of our staff as well as in innovative work environments. Additionally, over many years we have established strong relationships to universities, technical associations, and engineering networks as well as to renowned operators in the German water sector. Thus, the latest results from science, research and development as well as from operation and maintenance of plants are directly available to us for the benefit of our clients.