Corporate Strategy

As an essential principle of our corporate strategy, our entire process organization is project oriented. The project manager is responsible for the execution of the project at required quality and in time. In cooperation with the department heads - according to the principle of dual control - the project manager supervises the compliance of all the results during project execution with objectives, which are to be defined at commencement of any project. In order to continuously improve all our processes the company is currently implementing a Quality Assurance system following EN ISO 9001:2000.

Organization and Staff

The basic philosophy of our company is to specialize on the execution of projects as stated before and to join forces with specialized companies from other disciplines, whose services are not provided by our company. Therefore, UNGER Consult additionally co-operates with external experts in the fields of electrical engineering, structural engineering, and information technologies. By close contact to its partner firms UNGER Consult may also back permanently on the facilities, activities and the staff of affiliated companies such as ConGeo and GeoVentis.

The staff of UNGER comprises approx. 100 civil and mechanical engineers, geologists, hydrologists, and economists. UNGER is notable for a balanced ratio between experienced and young, practical and academic staff.

Organization of the group of UNGER companies