Independent and professional

In the fields of water management and environmental engineering UNGER Consult offers the following range of key services:

Pre-feasibility Studies and Market Analysis

Project Development

Project Management and Coordination

Consulting and Engineering Services

  • Expertise, Overall Planning, Business Case Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Design, Final Design
  • As-built Design
  • Assistance in Procurement (Preparation of Bidding Documents, Participation in Contract Awarding)
  • General Construction Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Initial Operation Services

Assistance and Advisory Services in Technical Operation of Plants

  • Acceptance and Start-up of Operation/Testing of Oxygen Capacity
  • Operation Manuals, Instruction and Operating Instructions
  • Test Runs and Optimization of Process
  • Organization of Operation & Maintenance, Process and Environmental Monitoring

Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building

  • Education, Training, and Human Resources Development
  • Organization and Conducting of Workshops
  • Public Relations, Mediation of Conflicts